Stipe & Melissa
Croatian Wedding

Wedding, Croatian Club Punchbowl

Stipe & Melissa

“He’s such a nice guy, but he’s very Croatian.” This is how Melissa described Stipe to a friend after their very first date. Croatian heritage was very evident during the marriage celebration of Melissa and Stipe, who wanted to celebrate their cultural traditions as much as their love for each other. The festivities of their Croatian wedding in Sydney were recorded by Biting Designs and then edited together into a moving cinematic highlights video. At the special request of the bride, the recording of their wedding day is slightly longer than usual, as Melissa didn’t want any of the special details left out.

On the day of her wedding, Melissa was truly stunning, in a classic white gown topped with a diamante encrusted bodice. The glittering decoration of her dress was matched by the beautiful diamond clip that held soft curls back from her smiling face. Her bouquet was a classic poesy of pastel flowers that tied in beautifully with the soft apricot colouring of her bridesmaids’ dresses.

Arriving at the church in a sleek white limousine, Melissa’s veil was lowered over her face, in keeping with the Croatian tradition that a veil will protect the bride from bad luck before her wedding. The happy couple were positively beaming as they saw each other for the first time in their wedding finery from opposite ends of the church aisle. The church itself was beautifully adorned with flowers that accented the stately heritage of the old building. The bride and groom were seated for the first portion of the ceremony, before rising to say their vows and exchange rings. Then, the groom lifted his brides’ veil and sealed their union with a kiss.

After photos in centennial park, the wedding party moved on to the Croatian Club Punchbowl, gorgeously decorated with long stemmed roses in towering glass vases. As the bride and groom make their entrance through billowing white curtains, they each take a shot of rakija (a Croatian alcoholic beverage). Then the real fun begins! Guests enjoy shots of rakija and dance the Kolo, a Croatian tradition where everyone grabs the hand or waist of the person next to them and then spins around in a circle. The bride and grooms first dance is statelier, with the couple being surrounded by a soft swirling mist as they sway across the dance floor, whilst both the Croatian and the Australian flags hang proudly in the background.

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