Kristy & Michael
Lebanese Wedding

Michael & Kristy Wedding Cinematography

“For love is something heavenly; it’s what binds a couple together.”

And for Michael and Kristy, that’s exactly the case. From the moment they met, love brought them together, united their hearts, and sealed their fate. The couple began their big day in traditional Lebanese fashion, by hosting their closest friends and family at their respective homes, while they prepare for their union, and Biting Designs was there to help turn every moment into a memory with captivating wedding cinematography.

A bright yet feminine pallet of white, yellow and purple, reminiscent of the natural beauty of orchids and dandelions, set the tone for Kristy’s bridal party, as Kristy herself radiated in sparkling white wedding dress accented with shimmering floral appliques. No detail was undone, and no shoe unturned, as Kristy’s bright white heels were appropriately adorned with the words “I do” on the soles. From the bottom of her feet to the top of her head, every part of her loves Michael, and it never goes unappreciated. As Michael tells her in his speech:

“Our love in words, is like trying to count every grain of sand in the world: Impossible, yes, but when met with an endless ocean, I’d happily drift with that little single grain of sand in an ocean of love for an eternity.”

After a beautiful ceremony, in which the couple shared with family and friends, their union to God and each other, Kristy and Michael released a pair of white doves into the heavens. Doves are a symbol of peace, purity and fidelity – three important factors in a religiously sanctified marriage such as Michael and Kristy’s.

The couple chose to host their reception at Paradiso Wedding Receptions in Sydney, which specializes in Lebanese weddings and offers a Mediterranean and Arabic fusion menu perfectly suited for the newlyweds. With a five star staff dedicated to upholding their “your day – your way” motto, neither the bride nor groom had to worry about a single thing at Paradiso.

At the reception, the Michael and Kristy got the party started, celebrating with a traditional Middle Eastern wedding dance, where the couple is hoisted atop of some of the male guest’s shoulders. The sparkles didn’t end at the reception either, as a curtain of sheer crystals flowed behind the head table, and sparkling silver tile mosaic centerpieces illuminated the tables. A customary bouquet and garter toss added excitement to the night, which never once lacked energy or enthusiasm, right up to the belly dancers and break-dancers.

As the families danced the night away with a plentiful mix of contemporary and cultural routines, the bride and groom made their way to the awaiting white convertible, like two doves, ready to fly off together, into a future of happiness. Congratulations, Michael and Kristy!

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