Why choose Biting Designs for your Wedding day?

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What is different about us? We have been in the industry over 7 years, and since then have never stopped learning and adopting new ways. Our methodology is very clear upfront and nothing is hidden. We also do extra hours to make sure we get the best possible shots, but we also go through every single file taken on the wedding day (thousands of files) to make sure nothing is missed. We scrub through every second of footage, its your day-and we want to make sure all the moments are present.

Biting Designs has the best long version edits in the industry. We use 4-5 cameras at all formalities and capture every angle! All the dancing, cultural events are edited professionally. Are long version edits (if you have selected the popular package) are as good as our highlights and are not “clean or simple cuts”- but much much better.
Other cinematographers do not spend the time and effort investing into a proper long version edit and do a very basic job. Which results in missing footage, bad audio and rouch edits. Ask to see what the long version edit looks like! Highlight reels that you see online is only a short representation.

It is important to meet in person and ask questions prior to booking and paying a deposit. Ask who is doing the editing. Many agencies outsource all their long version edits overseas. Most of the time, the examples you are shown, are far from what you will receive back. Do your due diligence! Ask questions.

At Biting Designs, we maintain very competitive prices and put allot of work in post production. and our work is done by the same people who work on the day with you.

We believe every wedding is beautiful in its own way, as well as different. We encourage couples to meet with us and discuss their needs and wants. We listen to our clients and do not simply dictate our ways of working.

Biting Designs Wedding Cinematography will make sure that your long version is as good as your highlights. We use as little as 2 and as many as 6 cameras thought the day. This is necessary to convey emotion and the unraveling narrative.

We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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