Why choose Biting Designs to film your day?

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How are we different from the rest in the wedding industry? Our main difference is that we dedicated ourselves entirely to cinematography and treat every wedding as the only wedding. We dont  just do extra hours to make sure we get the best possible shots, but we also go through every single video file taken on the wedding day (hundreds of files) to make sure nothing is missed. We scrub through every second of footage, its your day-and we want to make sure all the moments are present.

We do not offer combined photography packages, as our main concern is our specialty-wedding cinema, not business ventures that focus on sales. We also do not work as contractors.

Before we are a business we are artists, cinematographers. Our main concern is to: “Tell your story.”


There are many beautiful wedding video highlights online. Many times only the best works will be displayed to “wow” the audience. We display all our work, on regular basis. We believe every wedding is beautiful in its own way, as well as different. We encourage couples to meet with us and discuss their needs and wants. We listen to our clients and do not simply dictate our ways of working.

We maintain very competitive prices, and put allot of work in post production. We do not believe is “light edits”, which is a popular practice in the industry at the moment. Biting Designs Wedding Cinematography will make sure that your long version is as good as your highlights. We use as little as 2 and as many as 6 cameras thought the day. This is necessary to convey emotion and the unraveling narrative.

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